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CPAP Intolerant

Are you CPAP intolerant? We can help!

There are patients just like you who have tried the CPAP and found it uncomfortable or unbearable. In fact studies show that 50% of patients who are recommended for CPAP therapy are non-compliant 1 year later.

The alternative is Oral appliance therapy. Research evidence shows that oral appliances are effective in treating snoring in 85-90% of the patients.

With OAT a small oral device is worn on the upper and lower jaw, setting it in a slightly forward position. This motion opens up the airway and prevents it from collapsing.

These FDA approved appliances have shown success rates between 70- 80%. The key factor to this success is the uniqueness of each appliance. Custom made and personalized for each patient’s condition and needs.

If CPAP therapy is something you can bear no more. Visit our office for your consultation.

Give us a call today and schedule your consultation @ 614-457-4303

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